MARCH 2015
I have just realised how long it’s been since my last update, months!!! That fairly accurately indicates how busy we have been and whilst it’s great that we have so much work, it does mean that things get forgotten about from time to time!
I am notoriously difficult to get hold of on the phone, but as we work in the water all day, and almost every day we are on site by 8am, regardless of where in the country we are working, it means we just don’t get a chance. As existing clients will tell you, we are not known to be sitting about for an hour for lunch, we are paid to work, and being trusted with millions of pounds worth of people’s livestock every year we don’t take this for granted.
Whilst we are getting busier each year, our work ethic and advice to clients remains the same, sustainability in modern fisheries is key. Look after your waters, and the fish will benefit. Simply stocking more fish is seldom the best thing to do.
Our new site for the feed is now live and you can buy the products from the site direct. Ben has worked day and night getting this sorted, and along with working most days with me, he then goes home and sorts orders for our clients, and even helps his dad milk the cows on the days he hasn’t already driven to mine before 5am!
We are lucky to make our dream jobs a full time living, but it’s not easy. We have to commit to each job, and whilst some get frustrated when they are waiting for fish orders, or trying to get a date for us to do work for them, my main priority is the fish, not the people. It sounds a bit odd, but the livestock are reliant on our good husbandry, on our professionalism and skill in not only breeding and growing but handling and selling, the logistics, everything. If you take these things for granted and just cut corners, it makes you no better than some of the horror stories we hear! So I strive to do what’s right, which does frustrate some clients I am sure, but hey, I am like marmite in that respect, and we get more clients each year, so I can’t be annoying everyone!

I am very proud of my company’s achievements over the past year, and looking forward to the exiting new clients we have extensive work for coming up, this year will soon fly by too. The feed has been something I wanted to do for years, and having Ben to take this a step further we now have everything in house and need no outside interference, which is just the way we like it. We have had exceptional results using these simple but effective feeds, which do best when combined with simple fishery management, and an understanding of your biomass. Every year I have banged on about feeding, about not needing expensive fishmeal, and now as more people see the light, we get more people realising that utilising a simple structured fishery management plan, you can achieve anything with your waters, but you have to make a start. My honest approach is backed up by working at more fisheries than most people even know exist. I get to see every possible danger, consequence, problem, and have learnt what works and what doesn’t, partly from my time studying at Sparsholt, but mainly being hands on, not stuck in an office. We are out every day, at venues, or constructing new ones. This is our full time work and we are very proud to help so many people.
I update Facebook most days, and try to keep on top of emails and voicemails, but often we are not home until late and back out again very early. Email or Facebook are the best ways to get hold of myself and Ben. If you want to get the best possible service, it is worth putting up with my rants, as we get positive feedback from all our clients, and it really is a pleasure when we hear how things are improving due to our involvement.

Here’s to a warm summer, we will be digging lakes/planting margins and feeding fish for most of it!

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