Working closely with The Environment Agency, CEFAS and various high profile clients including Estates, English Heritage and some of the countries top private venues, AE Fisheries is truly a one-stop shop for all fishery related projects.

"I have ongoing jobs in which I project manage everything from design, planning, planting, stocking and putting future management plans in place on new fisheries.
I use one excavating contractor who specialises in lake construction and I have worked closely with him so he is fully aware of my expectations.
Everything else is undertaken by myself and my own small dedicated team. I do not sub-contract any work to unqualified third parties.
I have an impressive list of clients and projects I have undertaken, my consultancy business is thriving and I am in a postion to confidently offer my services to anyone."

Having developed successful breeding programmes and constructed fish farming units for existing fisheries, you can gain from this experience and with a little help, set up your own fish rearing facility. From a simple breeding pond, to elaborate tank systems, an on site unit will allow you to breed and grow enough fish for your fishery and more.
There is no need for vastly expensive indoor warm water recirculation systems, just some good fishery management and the right development and you will be in a great position to become self sufficient.
Existing clients are shown around one such site I have helped develop, to show it can be done, and the benefits that go with doing it all yourself.