Andrew runs his consultancy business from his Cotswolds home, and always welcomes visitors to show off what can be achieved with a little help. Andrew's work ethic is to keep everything in-house and learn about fish and their habitat to ensure good sport and future security.
He can offer practical advice on everything from new projects to the day to day running of a fishery.
Against overstocked commercial pools and in favour of sustainable fish stocks, you can learn how to save money at every corner using the services he provides.

"I am very passionate about the industry I have grown up working in, this is all I have ever done and I try to make clients steer clear of the gimmicks and fads, and point out facts and teach them about fish and fishery management. I have a proven track record turning run down waters into self sustaining fisheries and can help any water owner with any problems they may have.

I own custom built seine netting equipment and can confidently tackle any water for survey work or fish capture, all types of trapping and electro fishing are undertaken to a professional and very high standard. My survey work takes me countrywide and as I have no agenda (working independently my job is to give clients honest and reliable feedback) you will learn a great deal.

When I started in this industry there were only a handful of professional operators and fish farmers, now, with over 22 years of experience, it seems everyone is having a go! Before you get someone involved with your waters, ask for relevant qualifications, hands on experience and references and accomplishments. Anyone worth your time will be pleased to give you all this information. Time spent wisely now should benefit your future, not just the next few months."

Also a qualified angling coach, Andrew trains young and old and feels it is important to teach watercraft and fish welfare, he also guarantees his students will catch!
A former pupil of Sparsholt college in Hampshire, Andrew enjoys taking on students and aiding in their learning. Whilst so many fisheries are run for the fast buck, he is proud to show that the long term projects always outshine the hole in the ground ventures

"I am always pleased to discuss any project via email or over the phone, and can give as many references for any form of fishery management as you require, building up a client base and reputation to be proud of you wont be far away from a site i have worked on. You can visit me at my base, where i can show clients how i implicate structured fishery management projects to ensure a self sufficient future. All pictures on both of my websites are taken by myself or my team, not taken from other sites or publications!"
Andrew Ellis